Supporting change

Gary Hodnett , 58 years old - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

I started with Beth at the beginning of June.  We discussed my objectives of losing weight and getting fit.  The really important difference with Beth is that she combines exercise with nutrition to help you with a sustained loss of weight, improved fitness and confidence.  We set upon the journey and I saw Beth weekly for my exercise/ work outs.  Whilst I am really committed to achieving my goals she has motivated, encouraged and supported me throughout.

i have completed my 12 PT sessions with Beth and have lost in excess of 12 kilos a stone and 3/4's. I can now exercise with confidence where I could even complete the reps initially! I can honestly say I am as fit as I've been in 30 years and totally motivated to go on now and achieve my med to long term goals.  I would recommend Beth to anyone young,old recovering from injury,etc.  she has done a great job getting me on my journey I have wanted to do for so long.  Will return late in the year for a check in.

Posted Date : 26-08-2015

Getting on the right track

Michael Bettenson , 68 years old - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

I took 3 months of personal training because I felt I neede some targets and understanding of nutrition.

Beth was both friendly and helpful whilst being very professional and she designed a program that set me on the road to a more toned body and a greater understanding of my nutritional needs.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to all.

Posted Date : 16-06-2015

Get Powered

Vicky Phillips - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

I've been training with Beth for nearly a year now. Id been going to the gym for about 6 months and was going to lots of classes but i wasn't seeing any results and lost motivation.  So I thought personal training may help and After a few weeks with Beth my motivation was back and the results were amazing, I started losing weight and toning up. I was shocked by how quickly the resistance training was making a difference to my figure. I've allways thought cardio was the best way to lose weight but Beth has taught me differently. Beth is a great trainer and motivator and with the help on nutrition as well you definitely get the results you want! I would definitely recommend Beth to anyone looking for a personal trainer, whether you are just starting out with your fitness or are looking for help to improve on what you are already doing.

Posted Date : 26-04-2015

Simply the best

sue brown - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

i have been a client with Beth since December. My goals were to lose some weight, also to generally start to feel fit, build my stamina. I had not excercised previously for 2 years due to a shoulder injury. Beth is an excellent Personal Trainer. I quickly benefited from Beth's sessions and found an increase in my strength also endurance. I could not rate Beth more highly, nor could I fault her methods of training. She' the best. Find out for yourself. SIGN WITH BETH.

Posted Date : 21-04-2015

Great Motivator

Shiralee Hull - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

I have been a client of Beths Since November, during this time i have a few health issues and Beths positvie outlook has kept me motivated all the way through.

Beths nutrition advice has completely changed my whole outlook on food.   I never used to eat enough and being a shift worker i would always turn to fast food or sweet things to get me through long day and night shifts.  I now  look and feel so much more healthier having more energy and get more and more motivated every day.

I have also now signed up to do a half marathon in October somthing that i have always wanted to do but never had the determination and energy to train for but this has all changed and i look forward to training.

This is the best money i have every spent and would highly recomment Power Fitness Care sign up today you will not regret it.

Posted Date : 07-04-2015

getting it done

Jon Potter - Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching


Great workouts with Beth...well balanced programmes, highly motivated with good attention to technique.

Sign her up - you won't regret it.

Posted Date : 26-03-2015

"Worth every penny!"

Nathan - Online Nutrition Coaching

I have been with Beth currently for 4 months on her Online Nutrition Service.

Before I signed up to Online Nutrition Service at Power Fitness care, I was signed up to a herbal life... Beth educated me not to waste my time and money on Fad Diets, if I would like long lasting results, as they are more harm than good. I'm so glad Beth stopped me because I sufferer to IBS. Beth has educated me to eat and enjoy foods I have never tried. I live on my own and I used to eat 1 meal a day, mostly being a ready meal or takeaways. Im now eating more than ever and with ups and downs I have lost 1.2 stone. I used to think healthy eating was too expensive for 1 and wasn't motivated to cook, but I now see the benefits. I'm feeling for energetic for work and I sleep better.

I'm not one for exercise but with Beth's nutrition support Beth has increased my confidence and decreased my cholesterol. I highly recommend Beth - Power Fitness Care, worth every penny!

Posted Date : 07-03-2015